Teachers & Resources

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people listed below. Here’s a list of the teachers and modalities I’ve worked with and been heavily influenced by over the years

Sigourney Belle & WILDGRACE – 6 month apprenticeship with Sigourney, multiple teacher trainings – feminine embodiment, trauma release, Tantric breath work, sensual movement & yin yoga, archetypal embodiment, intuitive & psychic work (Certified in the Parasympathetic Restoration Technique, early-2019)

Dane Tomas – The Spiral, business & sales (Certified Spiral Practitioner, mid-2018)

Perri Chase – energetic mastery, Orgasmic Meditation techniques, truth-telling, victim mindset awareness, pussy magic (2020 – present)

Philosophia Рshamanic practices, entity clearing, working with ancestor spirits, spiritual protocol, Taoist practices for holding and moving energy (2020)

ISTA – Level 1 & 2 Trainings Bali 2019 led by Elaine Young – emotional release tools, conscious sexuality, shamanic practices, cosmology & more (2019)

Yana Fay Dzedze – dance & the energetics of dance, embodying healthy & mature masculinity, language, relating, communication, healthy standards & boundaries (2018 – present)

Shaney Marie – Dancing Eros, erotic dance, magic, seduction, relationship dynamics, working with men (co-created The Magic of Erotic Dance) (2016 – present)

Teal Swan – tracking sensations, timeline completion “The Completion Process” (2017 – present)

Byron Katie – The Work – questioning beliefs (2016 – present)

Laura Deva – first Tantra teacher, self pleasure, Tantric breath work, archetypal embodiment, ritual (2016)

Vanessa Florence – Dancing Eros – feminine, erotic, archetypal embodiment (2015-16)

Kay Dyson & Laura Poole – Vedic Meditation (2012-16)

Chris Rollins – Buddhism, meditation, critical thinking, intro to philosophy, workings of the physical body & acupuncture (birth – 2018)

Curtin University – Bachelor of Arts (Design) (graduated 2010)