From magical to masterful

If you’re a psychic being who knows you have the potential to harness your gifts more and be of greater service to yourself and others, then this is the course for you.

Over 6 self-led modules you will learn all of the essentials to refine your psychic gifts and integrate them more into your work and life.

This unique and potent mentorship is an incredible way to step into your power, purpose, and authority more deeply.

You will also learn how to avoid the pitfalls that open and sensitive beings can easily fall into and develop skills to become more confident and and self-trusting.

Are you ready to master your magic?

Your gifts and abilities

You are a psychic being who wants to live more intuitively and infuse your life with greater magic and meaning.

You know you have the potential to be more confident, more clear, and more self-trusting.

You know you have the potential to serve others and yourself more with your gifts and abilities.

You want to translate your intuition into more action and you know you need to make some adjustments to be able to do that.

You want to see what’s possible if you open and deepen more into your own knowing.

You want to see what’s on the other side of your fear and doubt.

You want to see what’s possible when you really go for it.

And you want to have fun doing it.

Sophie's Experience of Sage

“What I loved the most was your integrity and the permissions pieces. Firstly, learning how to channel was exceptional, learning how to have structure for that, learning how to connect with my higher self, learning discernment about who I connect with. Then I loved learning how to clear energies, having that power of ‘I don’t need to live in fear around this I can just do something about it’ and seeing myself as an autonomous sovereign being. You really brought that into my space, this understanding that I have power and control.”


Yes, I'd like to jump in!

What you'll gain with Sage

This 6-module self-led online program will support you to:

  • Grow as a person
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Trust your intuition and psychic gifts more
  • Discover your unique essence and magical abilities
  • Feel more confident
  • Increase your psychic accuracy
  • Be more of service with your gifts
  • Work with energy
  • Channel guidance for yourself and others
  • Clear up your perception
  • Trust your own authority
  • Learn cool new maps and models
  • Create safer spaces
  • Have fun doing it!

You are invited

...on a journey to master your psychic and intuitive abilities

Within each module you will receive:
A masterclass

On the topic of the month in an easy-to-watch shorter form

A guided practice

To further land what you're learning in your body and in your life

A worksheet

With written instructions and additional resources

Words from Sage Graduates

“If you know you’re an intuitive being but wonder if it’s a skillset you can develop deeper to serve your own life experience, or help your clients in a non-biased way, this is the program to go deep! The Sage container is magic..but grounded. It has allowed me to build a deeper trust with my intuition, slowly dissolving the conditioning of responding with my mind. Kathryn is a natural teacher, she makes the concepts digestible and is always willing to add more context, examples and detail. Regardless of your intention going into the program you’ll gain a deep sense of self trust and knowing, and likely a stronger relationship with your body.”
Trauma Informed Practitioner

Who is this for?

This is for you if...

– You’re a practitioner who wants to access more of your intuitive and psychic abilities in sessions (not required but very welcome)

– You’re psychic or intuitive and want to refine your gifts

– You want to trust yourself more and feel more certainty

– You want to harness the gifts of your sensitivity

– You want to anchor in maturity and responsibility alongside your cool extra-sensory abilities

– You’re passionate about living as your fully self-expressed, fully actualised self

– You want to enjoy the process


Each module includes a masterclass, embodiment practice, and worksheet. I recommend doing them 2-4 weeks apart.

01 Foundations

Set the stage for the journey ahead and discover ways to enhance and optimise your pathway to greater psychic and intuitive mastery.

02 Your Unique Gifts

Discover the ‘clair senses’, the elements, and the chakra system as you’re taken deeper into what your individual psychic abilities are and how they function.

03 Cultivating Clarity

Explore ways to create more clarity in your system and therefore be able to become a more clear and accurate psychic being.

04 Channelling & Multi-Dimensional Boundaries

Learn how to channel guidance or work with other beings and learn to create more safety for yourself when you’re out there in the energetic, psychic, and spiritual realms.

05 Working With Energy

Discover the world of energy in greater depth! Working with energy is an essential for any aspiring psychic being and this module is a must.

06 Integration & Cultivating Confidence

Integrate everything you’ve learned and embodied and set the wheels in motion for developing more and more confidence as you continue on.

Yes, I'd like to jump in!

Kathryn Rollins

Meet Kathryn Rollins

An experienced psychic and spiritual mentor who has helped countless individuals tap into their inner wisdom and intuition.

With a passion for exploring new spiritual teachings and practices, Kathryn has dedicated her life to guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

In addition to her work as a psychic, Kathryn also enjoys pole dancing, spending time with friends, and travelling the world.

Through her diverse interests, she has gained a unique perspective on the power of the mind-body-spirit connection and how it can be used to unlock one’s full potential.

Kathryn’s approach to psychic work is grounded in practical tools and insights that can be applied to everyday life.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have experience in this field, Kathryn’s guidance will help you uncover and develop your unique psychic gifts and abilities.

Join Kathryn on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and unlock your full potential as a psychic being.