My name is Kathryn and I am an artist, photographer, and deeply embodied woman delving into the spiritual, sacred, and erotic. I create seductive ritual spaces for people wanting to explore their authentic expression in front of the camera.

I also film and edit videos, make music, write, and dance.

I have a B.A. (Design) majoring in design photography and have spent the last two years actively exploring sacred sexuality, archetypal embodiment, and tantra.

Since late 2016 I’ve been working with sex witch Shaney Marie learning about erotic dance and sex magic while co-creating our online course The Magic of Erotic Dance.

In 2017 I attended Shaney’s Awakening Men Practitioner Training and assisted at her Devotional Woman workshop in Melbourne.

I’m passionate about all forms of self expression and have experienced the transformative nature of eros first hand. My photoshoots are as much about the experience itself as they are about the resulting images.

That being said I’m sure you’ll find that the photos speak for themselves.

I do my best to bring an attitude of devotion into every collaboration and offer my skills in service to the part of you wanting to be expressed and seen.

Put yourself in my hands and let’s make something magical together.

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Photo by Adrian Carmody.

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