Kathryn Rollins is a woman with vision and skills.

A born creator, Kathryn has been making visual art, playing music, and building things from a young age.

She studied a Bachelor of Arts (Design) at Curtin University majoring in design photography and graphic design before going on to spend 5+ years in the digital industry as a graphic designer, photographer, and web developer.

During this time she had a music career as a singer songwriter. She released two EPs, signed a record deal with ABC Music, a publishing deal with Alberts (now with BMG Australia), and had a song featured on the hit TV show Wentworth.

In 2016 she won the IPF Photo Prize People’s Choice Award for ‘The Kiss’, a collaboration with fellow Melbourne creative Rromarin.

Kathryn has always been fascinated by eroticism and spirituality. Since 2012 she has been practicing Vedic meditation and, at the end of 2015, discovered the world of tantra.

Since then she has been working with a variety of different people in the spiritual community including sex witch Shaney Marie and wealth wizard Dane Tomas. In 2017 she completed the Awakening Men Practitioner Training with Shaney Marie.

With a strong interest in the role of narrative in human consciousness, Kathryn loves to play with this in her art, drawing upon inspiration from things like Tarot cards, ancient symbols, and religious texts. She also adores the human body and practices seeing the divine in all forms.

She has a warm open heart and devotion to her clients that makes her uniquely calming to work with. Her energy is intentionally focussed on serving the vision that wishes to be expressed and seen in the world.

She is the creator of CLARITY, a digital and branding collective serving people in the transformational arts and sustainability.

She is currently based in Melbourne.


Sun: Libra
Moon: Aquarius
Rising: Taurus


Primary: Creator
Secondary: Star, Mechanic

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