Kathryn Rollins

my name is Kathryn

I’m a multi-dimensional being, energy healer, and intuitive guide supporting others on their journey of spiritual awakening and self discovery.

Energy Healing

Your whole life starts with your energy. Everything else in your life flows from this place. When your energy is wack so is your life, but when your alignment is golden… you get the idea! In this online energy work session we sit down and look at your body and energy system, clearing blocks and interference and calling more of your true self forth, so that you can live life more authentically, with greater ease, joy, and peace in your being.

Energy Reading

Want clarity on where you’re at in life? Your energy reveals so much. In this online reading, I take a look at your energy body and energetic field and deliver guidance and insight into where you’re stuck, blocked, free flowing, and more. Discover what is available and how you might shift to be able to receive more of what you really want.

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