Hi I’m Kathryn

I’m an artist and sensual embodiment coach based in Bali, Indonesia. I help people come home to themselves through the body, clear unhelpful conditioning, and embody all that they are. I’m a certified WILDGRACE teacher and Spiral Practitioner. I offer online transformational sessions and programs, and in-person workshops. I’m passionate about a world transformed through connecting to both light and dark, spirit and matter, life and death.

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My experience with Kathryn was rich with magic and truth. The shifts that occurred for me throughout the journey were SO beautifully subtle, which I absolutely loved, because within those subtleties felt such a powerful transformation. Every week I became more and more tuned in with my intuition, and felt more connected to the world around me, particularly on a psychic level. From our journey together I developed such a deeper trust within myself, and found the permission to be more of who I really am. I felt so safe with Kathryn, and really heard by her. The space she created each week was steeped in reverence, but also there was such a light playfulness that came in as well, which helped me to feel comfortable and at ease with everything that came up, even the icky stuff. I feel also grateful to have taken this journey together…I definitely have not been the same person since! Thank you Kathryn


Taking this journey with Kathryn was beyond all expectations. Given this was my second time going through the Spiral I went into it knowing the process but open to the experience and I was not disappointed. Kathryn led me through the journey with complete intuitive grace and created such a safe, free, playful and invigorating container to encourage & facilitate further healing and shedding of the old. Really listening to what I was saying (and what I wasn’t). Our sessions really were some of the best and most enjoyable that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in my continued journey of self discovery. She is a true gift!!


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