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How to deal with the FULL MOON as a sensitive or psychic being

Look, full moons are a lot of energy.

There is one thing I know for sure and that is, a full moon can make you feel kinda crazy.

But I had this thought on the last full moon which was… if I don’t resist it, it has a lot to teach me.

I see that every full moon activates something different energetically, individually and collectively.

It can animate certain parts of the psyche connected to different aspects of the collective unconscious.

Themes come alive! They move through us.

This is where meditation or energy work can come in handy

Or just sitting in the void BEING.





It could even be pleasurable.

I tend to get overwhelmed around the full moon. It feels like I open to even more energy and fragments of consciousness.

Surrendering to the wave and letting myself be crazy and feel what’s there has proven to be the best medicine.

I am overcome by the full moon!

Photo by AG ZN

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