Gene Keys Journeys

Unlocking Your Genius, Relationships, and Prosperity

Welcome to the world of Gene Keys, a profound body of work crafted by Richard Rudd, drawing inspiration from the I Ching and Astrology.

Evolving from the foundations of Human Design, this transformational system offers a contemplative and illuminating journey towards self-discovery, self-actualisation, and expansive growth, all experienced through various enlightening sequences. This holistic voyage is collectively known as “The Golden Path.”

Embark on this extraordinary journey with me as your guide. It’s my privilege to accompany individuals on this awe-inspiring exploration.

I offer personalised 1:1 experiences for those ready to embark on this path of self-realisation and transformation.

Life's Work Reading

Discover the gift you're here to bring to the world

In this one-hour session, we will look at, activate, and unlock the shadow, gift, and siddhi of your Life’s Work sphere in the Gene Keys.

This one-off reading will allow you to better understand the light you’re here to shine out into the world! The gift you’re here to give!

We will talk in depth about your key and line as well as discussing how you might better embody this gift in your work, relationships, and life in general.

This is powerful for anyone interested in what they naturally bring to others, what others might seek them out for, and how they might weave this into all areas of existence.

The Activation Sequence

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The Activation Sequence

Unlock your innate gifts and genius with the Activation Sequence. This sequence serves as the perfect starting point, granting access to all. Dive into contemplation and exploration, revealing the hidden potential, talents, and siddhi (divine essence) within your Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance, and Purpose. Learn how to become the most extraordinary version of yourself with this powerful journey of self discovery.

The Venus Sequence

Unlock the magic within your heart through the Venus Sequence. This enchanting journey will guide you on a transformative exploration of your relationships, unveiling the shadows, revealing the gifts, and connecting with divine expressions known as ‘siddhis’. By embarking on this path, you’ll heal and open your heart, creating cleaner, clearer, and more beautiful connections. It’s recommended to start your journey with the Activation Sequence before diving into the mysteries of the Venus Sequence.
The Venus Sequence

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The Pearl Sequence

Unlock your prosperity with The Pearl Sequence. In this potent journey, you’ll dive into your innate talent. Discover how to share effectively with your community, and transform your Life’s Work into a distinctive Brand. And most enchantingly, you’ll find the key to true prosperity, a treasure beyond mere wealth – your very own Pearl. As the final chapter on the Golden Path, it’s crucial to embark on the other two journeys before setting sail on The Pearl Sequence.

What people are saying

‟Journeying my Gene Keys activation sequence with Kathryn has been an enlightening experience on many levels. Up until now I’ve felt confusion around my gifts and life’s work, however Kathryn’s powerful transmission during our sessions paired with conscious contemplation in my own time has unlocked a deep clarity in just a few short weeks working on my life’s works sphere. I feel more in touch with my intuition and absolutely love how embodied the whole experience is. Kathryn provides a safe space and shows up with the highest integrity. I’d recommended her to anyone interested in journeying their gene keys and gaining clarity around their unique gifts.”


Ready to start your Gene Keys journey?

Choose your pathway

I offer Gene Keys Journeys over several months.

There are three sequences that make up The Golden Path.

The Activation Sequence has 4 spheres and is journeyed over 6-9 months.

The Venus Sequence has 6 spheres and is journeyed over 7-10 months.

The Pearl Sequence has 4 spheres and is journeyed over 6-9 months.

I require you to do them in order (Activation then Venus then Pearl), so to access the Venus or Pearl sequences you will need to have journeyed the ones before either with me or in some other format.

There is one session per sphere plus an opening and closing session.

The benefit of journeying with me as your guide is that the experience will be more focused, the revelations more profound, the intentions amplified, and you’ll receive my intuitive guidance and clarifying frequencies along the way.

Sound good? Check out the available journeys below.

The Activation Sequence

Unlock your genius with the Activation Sequence

Unlock your genius and four prime gifts with the Activation Journey

What you’ll receive:

– 6 x 1-hour sessions delivered over 6-9 months via Zoom

– 1:1 Telegram messenger access with me for the duration

– Intuitive insights and guidance

– Energetic and emotional support

Payment options:

6 monthly payments of $250AUD ($1500AUD total)


12 fortnightly payments of $125AUD ($1500AUD total)


1 upfront payment of $1300AUD (save $200AUD)

The Venus Sequence

Open your heart with the Venus Sequence

Unlock your relationship patterns and your heart with the Venus Journey

Note: You need to have completed the Activation Sequence with me or in another form before you embark upon the Venus Journey

Starts May 2024

What you’ll receive:

– 7 x 1-hour 1:1 sessions delivered over 7-10 months via Zoom

– 7 x 90-minute group support calls via Zoom (held monthly on the second Wednesday or Saturday of the month – TBC)

– 1:1 Telegram messenger access with me for the duration

– Intuitive insights and guidance

– Energetic and emotional support

Payment options:

7 monthly payments of $280AUD ($1960AUD total)


12 fortnightly payments of $140AUD ($1960AUD total)


1 upfront payment of $1800AUD (save $160AUD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some of the commonly asked questions below.

No, these journeys are designed so that you get all of the info through the process. That being said if you’re curious, I totally welcome you to go to and take a look at your free profile! Have a squiz and see what you think and feel about it. I also make reels on my Instagram and TikTok teaching about the Gene Keys so you can get a better sense, so feel free to check those out too if you’d like to know more.

The Gene Keys is really more of a gentle activation and contemplation than an intense overwhelming deep dive. Things will probably come up, but it is designed to be spacious so if you have other things you’re doing you may well be able to do both. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact me to discuss.

You don’t if you don’t want one. It’s totally possible to journey the Gene Keys yourself and if that’s something you want to explore I’d recommend reading the Gene Keys book or doing the courses through the website. However, I have personally found having a guide to be really helpful and that is partly why I now offer this service myself.

When you work with me you get to feel into things with me and you gain access to my Life’s Work frequencies of Intuition and Clarity which are very helpful.

Additionally, if you do a group journey the collective intention and energy tends to take everyone deeper which is really cool and can be very supportive.

I had this experience when I first encountered the Gene Keys too. I would look at the words and my mind would be like… What?

The reason for this is that the Gene Keys isn’t designed to be mentally understood. It’s really designed to be contemplated and felt, which is such a different experience. I’d recommend doing a journey with me or at the very least listening to the audios about your keys (available through the Gene Keys website).

Yeah so, your Human Design and Gene Keys chart are based on the same thing. Richard Rudd, the creator of the Gene Keys, was actually a student of Ra Uru Hu, the creator of Human Design. The keys of Gene Keys are the same as the gates in Human Design. You can reference Human Design to understand The Gene Keys, but honestly, having tried doing that and having tried just approaching The Gene Keys separately, I prefer contemplating the Gene Keys without referring back to Human Design because the approach is so different.

People say Human Design is more yang or masculine, whereas The Gene Keys is more yin or feminine.

I think The Gene Keys is a lot more contemporary and relevant than Human Design.

Kathryn Rollins

Meet Kathryn Rollins

An experienced psychic and spiritual mentor who has aided numerous individuals in tapping into their inner wisdom and authentic self-expression.

Within the Gene Keys framework, Kathryn’s life’s work is Clarity, her evolutionary path is Awakening, and her purpose is Ascension, naturally aligning her with the path of awakening.

Kathryn’s unwavering passion for exploring diverse spiritual teachings and practices has been the cornerstone of her lifelong commitment to helping others discover their inner wisdom and empowerment.

Beyond her role as a mentor, Kathryn loves pole dancing, enjoying time with friends, and travelling the world. Through these diverse interests, she has cultivated a unique perspective on the profound mind-body-spirit connection and its potential to unlock one’s full capabilities.

Kathryn’s approach to her spiritual work is firmly grounded in practical tools and insights, making her wisdom applicable to everyday life. Whether you’re a novice in this realm or already have some experience, Kathryn’s guidance is poised to unearth and nurture your distinct, authentic potential.

Join Kathryn on an empowering journey of self-discovery, and seize the opportunity to unlock your full potential today.