The nuances of my heart

I’m feeling the nuances of my heart; the way it expresses itself when it feels safe to, the way I’ve hurt myself by being a bully to my gentleness.

Everything is unfolding in it’s own time, it can’t be rushed, and if a thing isn’t right then it won’t feel right. What’s right for her may not be right for me and that’s okay. What someone tells me to do may not be what I need to do and that’s okay too.

I am the mistress of my own destiny, the guardian of my own self. I am the fierce protector of this sacred being. In the flow I find my peace of mind and ecstatic self expression.

I refuse to be a bully to myself anymore, I refuse to cut myself off from my heart for fear of what it might feel, I refuse to create rifts within my beautiful being through acts of violence.

I will take all the time I need and I reserve the right to change my mind to honour my boundaries. By honouring myself I will honour you better too. When I truly love and accept myself it’s clear that it overflows into my love and acceptance of you.

May love be our foundation for everything.

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