I live my life wrapped up in seductive sensations.

Longing to wear and embrace things that feel soft to touch and aching to experience all that interests and excites me in this world.

With photography I get to dive into a textural world visually.

I treat light like a tickling on my skin and colour with the same desire for distinction that my tastebuds crave.

The photographic frame is like a carefully executed conversation and I try to only include the things that have meaning and leave out the things that don’t.

Potency is important.

I love the luxury of lace, the backlit babe barely visible, the stretching and contracting of naked bodies and textiles transforming.

A carefully placed hand, fingers curling around and splaying out, a body delicately draped across a bed or a couch or a chair.

Long tendrils of hair tumbling down or the gentle shine on a lustrous limb.

When I work with someone I like to hear their unfiltered desire for how they want to express their eroticism.

After reading their words images begin popping into my mind like fresh fruit, ripe for the picking.

I sink my teeth in and let the juices run down my chin.

When the day arrives we laugh and move and dance and breathe and before you know it that spark of an idea has become an image.

We get to celebrate that erotic embodiment that sometimes gets locked away and lost a little.

It’s a real gift, a treat, for that shining part of you to be uncensored and seen.

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