Magical, erotic, playful photoshoot experiences and photography packages for those who desire to experience the transformative quality of ritual and eros weaved into the creating of beautiful images. Currently available in Melbourne, Australia.



Simple portrait style photo sessions with minimal prep. Styling decisions made on location on the day. Low key and fun.


Harnessing the power of ritual and sex magic to create a powerful photoshoot experience and lustrous images. We set an intention, breathe, make sound, move, and let the magic of the moment guide us into deep altered states of erotic self expression.


For those looking to create images for a specific purpose. A little less sex magic, a little more design photography. Very much tailored to the individual.

About the photographer

Kathryn Rollins is a photographer and artist obsessed with the transformational power of eroticism. Over the last 2 years she's been delving into sacred sexuality and erotic dance and brings this experience into her photography. One of her passions is to help people connect with their innate eroticism and then make beautiful images to celebrate it. She's spent time both in front of and behind the lens and takes great joy in her work. Kathryn has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Design Photography. Her photographic style is natural, feminine, voyeuristic, and textural.

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