Divine animals

I gave myself to the wave in complete surrender, my body relaxed and I was submerged at last, tossed about beneath the swirling water.

I heard a story about a time before humans had self awareness, before we could project an image of ourselves into the future or remember the past, when we were aware of our true nature at all times. We had no separate identity, we were totally innocent and pulled by the thread of divine intuition. Perhaps we were meant to be the guardians of this earth? Until the ego took over and clouded our vision; cut us off from the truth of who we are, cut us off from the peace and oneness that lives within all of us.

I crawl around in the dirt and tear off my clothes, I growl and wrestle and writhe around. I relish in my blood and tears, in the sweat that pours out and drips down my form with it’s own delicious freedom. I feel the surge of energy coming from the earth through my base into my heart and up out through my crown. I am the star in the sky and the creature of the dirt; one and the same.

When I gaze into your eyes I can hear nothing but the beating of my heart; feel the rush of warmth filling my hands and face. Who was I the moment before this one? I have to think hard to remember. I don’t really care. Let’s run around and tumble? Let’s lie on the ground and sleep in a pile? Let’s make love under the big open sky?

I’m done with this prison, let’s be the divine animals we were born to be. The destination is real, it’s a path I’m taking… you just have to be willing to die to yourself over and over again. Surrender yourself and get the whole universe in exchange.

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