Hi my name is Kathryn

I am an artist and photographer delving into the spiritual, sacred, and erotic. I create seductive ritual spaces for people wanting to explore their authentic expression in front of the camera. Read more


I love to collaborate and lend my skills to projects that I care about. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on with other magical facilitators in the realm of sacred sexuality and embodiment.


Kathryn greets the best and worst of you with unwavering curiosity and clarity. She creates a space where you can challenge yourself - cushioned by connection and compassion.


Kathryn holds space and brings structure to the parts of you that feel formless and untethered. With conscious presence she creates an alliance between you and your truth. Bringing felt experience back down, out of the head and into the body.... this is a wonderful place to process life and challenges from.... in beautiful, facilitated communion with your deep, known, intuition. Here, we can question assumptions, get perspective, and heal.


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